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  Djordje Vukicevic: EFIAP/Diamond 3, HonEFIAP  

Djordje was born 13.08.1962. in Novi Sad, Serbia. He finished high school in Novi Sad where he still resides.

He is married with Ljiljana and has two children Milan and Branislav. He was raised with a mother who is a photographer. The first digital camera was purchased in 1992 and since then the love to photography and computers has gotten the full sense. He is cooperated with several magazines and newspapers.

Recantly Djordje has been engaged in the act photography and he said it was his modest contribution to the beauty of women.

Djordje has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad. On exhibitions under FIAP patronage 86 diferent photos is awarded in 37 diferent countries.

He is a member of Photo Association of Serbia
and Salon chairman of the Digital Photo World.